Image of So Not Happening (The Charmed Life)


Image of So Not Happening (The Charmed Life)

Bella is spoiled and self-centered, and readers might find her back-to-back challenges a bit unrealistic, but you can't help but like her feisty spirit and witty one-liners. This enjoyable novel will keep readers turning pages.

Manhattan socialite Isabella Kirkwood is outraged that her mother married a man she met on the Internet and moved them to Oklahoma. Bella is forced to leave behind her friends, her boyfriend and all the hip places to shop. Her attempts to adjust to her new life fail and cause Bella to become a social outcast. After she's kicked out of another class, Bella is forced to accept a position at the school's newspaper. That's when she meets the nerdy but hot editor who's intent on making Bella's life miserable. Bella soon is on the trail of a juicy story that could put her life in jeopardy. (THOMAS NELSON, May, 336 pp., $12.99)
Reviewed by: 
Chandra McNeil