Image of So Shines the Night


Image of So Shines the Night

Higley proves once again that she has a great talent for historical fiction. It is easy to get lost in the ancient world with Daria during her adventures. The story is so well detailed and the struggle between different faiths and cultures is exceptionally illustrated. Daria characterizes all one would hope for in a strong, brave woman of faith.

Daria, a childless young widow, has witnessed consuming evil that caused her husband to take his own life. Now working as a tutor for Lucas, they travel to Ephesus and Daria soon learns that Lucas is also drawn to evil and sorcery. She begins to care for her employer and struggles with him against the demonic influence that holds him. When chaos erupts in the city, a new sect called The Way, with its leader Paul, attempts to show people the goddess cult is taking them on a path to destruction. As Daria learns more about the Christians and begins to feel hope, Lucas is taken away, jailed for a brutal crime. Violence soon escalates in the city, as a murderous plot against Paul is in place and Lucas’ execution is scheduled. Daria must find a way to prove his innocence and help her friends. (THOMAS NELSON, Mar., 416 pp., $15.99)
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Terri Dukes