With his estate crumbling around him, Dev Aincourt, Earl of Ravenscar, realizes he has to do something to save his home. The only problem is that his dissolute behavior has made him a pariah to the ton and no decent English heiress will have him as a husband.

American Joseph Upshaw has dreamed of becoming accepted by the aristocracy and he knows that his wealth will bring his daughter a title. The problem is that Miranda is too headstrong, outspoken and stubborn to marry for money. She wants to wed for love.

Thus everyone is shocked when she accepts Dev's proposal because they appear to be the most mismatched couple in London. Dev has nothing short of contempt for the bold American and she is not interested in his aristocratic lineage.

However, Miranda is intrigued by the passion he awakens within her and soon discovers that there is vulnerability and honor beneath his wastrel facade. With Dev's sister's help, she sets out to make their marriage work. But there is someone who wants that marriage to fail; someone who has been making attempts at their lives. Is it the old family curse or something else at work?

Candace Camp brings drama, suspense, a bit of humor and plenty of passion to her exciting first novel in a new trilogy. She delights us with her remarkable characters and keeps us engrossed in their warm and fast-paced love story. SENSUAL (Feb., 402 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin