Known as the "Literary Prince of Drama," Weber has definitely earned this title with his latest. Three best friends (James, Sonny and Brent) are men with separate lives, yet they still maintain the bonds of their youth.

James has worked some kinks out of his marriage, but actions from his past threaten to overshadow his love for his wife. Sonny moved to Seattle with his wife but plans to return to New York once he's gotten a new job. Though his wife says one thing, he finds out something different when it's time for her to join him. Brent is a God-fearing man, about to be married to the woman he loves, yet temptation settles in. These men's lives can be described in three words: drama, drama and more drama.

This a scandalous, suspenseful novel, in which Weber has painted a landscape of multilayered characters, unexpected twists and a gripping ending. The pace is perfect, making this a book easily read in one sitting. (Jan., 320 pp., $24.00)
Reviewed by: 
Tee C. Royal