In the sixth book in the Corean Chronicles, Modesitt reaches new heights of impenetrability. Containing the further overwrought adventures of Dainyl, the
righteous Alector, this is an example
of Modesitt completely overstating the importance of the Corean Chronicles. It
will be very hard to understand if you haven't read the previous series books.

The Alectors are not a very efficient civilization, and are forced to move every few thousand years due to their overconsumption of natural resources.

The planet Corus, which the Alectors have used and abused for the past several millennia, is used up and is destined to be abandoned by the Alectors, left to be populated by undesirables. Political mayhem ensues, with main character Dainyl caught in the middle. (TOR, Nov., 540 pp. , $27.95)
Reviewed by: 
Jen Scarpati