Image of Socialite ... or Nurse in a Million (Harlequin Medical 486, 486)


Image of Socialite ... or Nurse in a Million (Harlequin Medical 486, 486)

SOCIALITE…OR NURSE IN A MILLION? (4) by Molly Evans: Victoria Sterling-Thorne is tired of being seen as nothing more than a spoiled little rich girl so she has worked hard to earn her nursing degree. After graduation she takes a job at a small medical clinic in a very rough community in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Dr. Miguel Torres is aware that Vicky is really an heiress and he immediately assumes that she will never last in the poverty stricken community that he has dedicated his life to helping. Miguel is totally taken by surprise when Vicky thrives in the difficult environment and in the process wins his admiration and love. Both Miguel and Vicky are in a lot of pain at this story's start. He cannot get over the loss of his younger brother and she can’t seem to find a place for herself. However, once they meet, is only a matter of time before they start to heal each other's wounds. Although there is not much emphasis on the culture of the Hispanic community where the pair works, this is an emotional story that will touch readers' hearts.

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Dawn Crowne