Sofie Metropolis tried living the life of a good Greek-American girl. She worked at her family's restaurants and got engaged to a Greek boy—but she had an epiphany after discovering her fiancé shtupping her maid of honor. Now Sofie is bent on discovering herself—and that includes working at her uncles' Of course, her cases usually involve missing dogs or cheating spouses.

But one cheating spouse case proves exciting: Bud Suleski hires Sofie to follow his wife, and as Sofie conducts surveillance outside a motel room, guns start blazing and bodies go missing. In the midst of all this, Sofie's family and friends drag her into more weird cases—a dognapping and a suspected vampire down the street. You just never know what will happen in Queens.

Sofie is one modern Greek girl with attitude. Reminiscent of Stephanie Plum, Sofie is a wonderful character whose exploits are amusing, offbeat and a little dangerous. The writing duo Tori Carrington strikes gold with this sassy, sexy new series. (Jun., 256 pp., $21.95)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith