To every inventor and businessman with a scheme who comes begging for money, Baltimore heiress Diamond Wingate is known as a soft touch. She cannot say no to them, just as she couldnt to the three men who have proposed marriage.

Somehow she manages to make a fortune off of her investments and keeps her three fiancis apart until rugged railroad builder Bear McQuaid arrives in town, needing money to complete his dream. Sweeping her off her feet, he saves her from marrying her greedy fiancis.

Bear never expects the heiress to be an intelligent beauty whose fascination with railroading equals his own. He has no idea how to ask her for the money, so he ends up courting her and falling in love and then practically abducting her to win not her money, but her heart.

Always intelligent, witty, and sensual, Betina Krahns stories and characters keep readers coming back for more. THE SOFT TOUCH is a well-composed and beautifully crafted romance with some highly memorable and delightful scenes that will more than satisfy her readers. SENSUAL (June, 373 pp., $6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin