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by Jana Oliver

Genre: Science Fiction, General Science Fiction

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Oliver's first Time Rovers book is a spellbinding, multilayered mystery with a bit of romance that will delight fans. She's done her research, skillfully recreating the sights and sounds of Victorian England with perfect detail, and she's equally adept at fast-forwarding into the future. Strong characters and realistic dialogue add to this exciting page-turner.

It's 2057 and Jacynda Lassiter is a Time Rover, employed by the Time Immersion Corporation. Her latest assignment is to travel back to 19th-century London to retrieve an overdue time tourist before he changes history. Dealing with shapeshifters, Irish anarchists and Jack the Ripper is bad enough -- but her employer may be her biggest threat. (DRAGON MOON PRESS, Apr. '06, 369 pp., $19.95)

Reviewed By: Gail Pruszkowski

Publisher: Dragon Moon Press

Published: April 2006

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4.5 Stars

Average Rating: 4.5 Stars
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I totally loved it.

Submitted by roxhill on April 12, 2011 - 11:18am.

I totally loved it.