Readers will be disappointed to find more recriminations than romance in Alward’s latest. The protagonists periodically change the reason for the dissolution of the marriage. Additionally, there is no hint of romantic sparks between them. Also, the pacing is a bit slow. Although the plot is reminiscent of Sweet Home Alabama, it does not carry the same sweet atmosphere. Moreover, the plot’s repetitive. The biggest conundrum is why these two antagonistic people would even want to resolve their issues.

As a teenager in love, Ella Turner married Devin McQuade, but she has come back to him a woman wishing to rectify their childhood mistake. Her return home for a story coincides with her determination to get Dev to sign their divorce papers. The last thing she wants is to be attracted to her estranged spouse. Dev has always been hurt at his wife’s desertion. Although they have painful memories associated with their union, Dev believes that Ella still loves him. Can Dev and Ella put the past behind them to find a renewed love? (SAMHAIN, Feb., 216 pp., $14.00)
Reviewed by: 
Keitha Hart