Image of The Soldier's Sweetheart (Larkville Legacy )


Image of The Soldier's Sweetheart (Larkville Legacy )

THE SOLDIER’S SWEETHEART (4.5) by Soraya Lane: Nate Calhoun used to be the town charmer. Six years earlier, he left the ranch in Larkville, and his teenage sweetheart, to join the Army. Now he has returned, injured both mentally and physically. Sarah Anderson is in charge of organizing the fall festival where there will be a tribute to Nate’s father, and she thinks it would be healing for him to spend time with family and friends. But Nate’s having a hard time adjusting and emotions stir once he sees Sarah again. Can Sarah help him discover the man he once was, or has he lost the drive to live and love for good? Readers will smile and swoon at the unexpected ending of this bittersweet story that’s rich in description with well-developed characters.

Reviewed by: 
Jaime A. Geraldi