Image of Soldier Under Siege


Image of Soldier Under Siege
SOLDIER UNDER SIEGE (4) by Elle Kennedy: When beautiful Eva Dolce shows up before rough, hardened soldier Captain Robert Tate with a special request to kill rebel leader Hector Cruz, Tate doesn’t trust her. Eva can’t tell Tate about her secret connection with Cruz — that he’s the father of her child — for fear Tate won’t help her. Tate is a haunted man, and Cruz is the link to the reason why. Cruz killed Tate’s brother and Tate wants revenge. Together, Eva and Tate set out to get their common enemy, but they don’t count on the fierce attraction brewing between them. An intriguing plot, thrilling action and taut tension, along with a strong and sympathetic character in Tate, make this story a good read.
Reviewed by: 
Melanie Bates