Image of In A Soldier's Arms


Image of In A Soldier's Arms
When nurse Maggie O'Neal treks to rural Heather's Hollow, she tells herself that she's only making the journey to understand why her mother ran away from the tiny town before Maggie was born. But when Maggie learns that the community's healer is Granny O'Neal, her last living relative, she decides to stay and learn Granny's ways. Maggie tells herself that her attraction to Granny's neighbor, retired soldier Abram Devane, has nothing to do with her decision. But as love blossoms, Abram begins to retreat from the feelings. Will Maggie be able to nurse his wounded heart back to health? Ultimately, In a Soldier's Arms (4), by Marin Thomas, is a heartfelt story about discovering where you truly belong.
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Whitney Kate Sullivan