Image of A Soldier's Secret


Image of A Soldier's Secret
A SOLDIER’S SECRET (3) by Linda Style: Eight years after being injured in a bombing in Iraq, helicopter pilot Natalia Sokoloff is working as a helicopter rescue pilot with her best friend, David “Mac” MacAllister, and experiencing increasingly bad bouts of PTSD. She still agrees to marry Mac when she learns that he needs a wife in order to get custody of his son, who’s now living in an orphanage overseas because his mother was killed. But living with Mac and the boy as a family makes Natalia realize that she’s in love with her best friend. Fortunately, Mac feels the same way. Style’s characterization and attention to detail are good; however, the story is resolved too quickly at the end and the issue of Natalia’s PTSD isn’t fully addressed, which might be emotionally unsatisfying for readers.
Reviewed by: 
Alexandra Kay