One year ago Joe Carpenter's world came to an end with the horrific crash of Nationwide Flight #353. Joe's daughters and beloved wife were on the plane that plunged into the Colorado earth. Now, Joe is being followed by some kind of organization.

On the anniversary of the crash, Joe heads to the cemetery to visit his loved ones. At the grave site he sees a slight woman taking photos of his family's headstones. When she sees him, she mutters that she is not yet ready to talk to him and walks away. As Joe heads back to his car, a van pulls up and begins shooting and chasing after the mysterious woman.

Joe's interest turns to anger when he receives a cryptic note from the woman saying that her name is Dr. Rose Tucker and that she was on Flight #353. Joe knows there was nothing left but body parts to identify after the devastating impact. When Joe talks to other victim's families, he learns that Rose has visited them and somehow brought them great peace. But this peace is short lived, as these same people inexplicably commit suicide.

As Joe flees from the house of death, he feels a sharp pain at the back of his neck as if something is trying to grab him. What is going on? Only Rose can tell him, if Joe can find her before the organization does.

Always an incredible storyteller, Dean Koontz reaches new heights with this unbelievably frightening, thrilling, miraculous and uplifting novel. This is a rare accomplishment! (Feb., 321 pp., $25.95)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith