Senate, author of See Jane Date, returns with an empowering and witty tale of three sisters who learn it's OK to be exactly who they are. Twenty-nine-year-old junior editor Sarah learns that she's six weeks pregnant by a man she's only been dating for two months. When she tells him, he just says he'll call her. If that isn't bad enough, her roommate just announced her engagement, leaving Sarah homeless. No problem, she'll stay at her dad's for a while.

When her 34-year-old lawyer sister Ally catches her husband cheating, she also flees to their father's place. Their 26-year-old half-sister, dating guru Zoe, also has a reason to camp out at Dad's: her mother (Sarah and Ally's stepmother) is somewhere in New York City and vowing to exact revenge on Dad for leaving her for a much younger woman!

The three sisters end up sharing a small bedroom and learning a lot about themselves, each other, their father, men and life in general. Chapters are alternately told by Sarah, Ally and Zoe, which keeps things interesting. Readers will find themselves caring about what happens to each of these three very different sisters. (Dec. '03, 320 pp., $12.95)

Reviewed by: 
Samantha J. Gust