Image of Some Boys


Image of Some Boys

A story like Some Boys isn’t new; it’s sadly familiar to readers because we’ve heard it before — online, on the news, even from our neighbors. But Blount makes her fictional version original with two points of view. Grace, a victim, is leagues more mature than her classmates; even adults will envy her toughness. Ian, the best friend of an accused rapist, is the more realistic of the narrators — mainly because he’s more vulnerable to what’s happening around him. Some plot points are a bit too convenient, but if you can put that aside and enjoy the different perspectives, you will be satisfied at the end of this powerful work.

Grace hates school. When she walks through those doors, the taunting begins: Slut. Whore. Liar. Star lacrosse player Zac really did rape her; she may have been drunk, but she said no and he did it anyway. Students, teachers, the police — no one can help her because there’s no proof: just a YouTube video that tells the wrong story. It’s frustrating, so frustrating that Grace kicks in a locker and ends up on cleaning duty during spring break with none other than Zac’s best friend and teammate, Ian, who still isn’t sure what to believe. (SOURCEBOOKS, Aug., 336 pp., $9.99, ISBN: 9781402298561, PB, 13 & Up)
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Tricia Carr