On Christmas Eve, Maggie McKinny discovered facts that made her decide to end her marriage to millionaire businessman Ross McKinny. Distraught and angry, she fled the scene only to crash her car on icy roads. Maggies wounds were extensive and she lay in a coma for a long time. Now one year later, Maggies slow and gradual recovery has progressed enough for her to leave the hospital.

The last year has been devastating for Ross. He feels intensely guilty about the accident. Although they both feel the marriage is over, Ross wont leave Maggie until she has recovered enough to live on her own.

Ross figures the house Maggie bought and decorated in Bethlehem, NY is just the place where she can recover at her own pace. Mercifully, Maggies memory of the events leading up to her accident are murky, but Ross fears they could one day return.

How could these two people once so much in love have come to this crossroads? Is there any way back? Maybe the healing magic of the season and a special town can find a way to repair their marriage.

Intense emotion and riveting drama are hallmarks of Marilyn Pappanos work. SOME ENCHANTED SEASON returns to the small town of Bethlehem to continue to explore its varied residents and their intertwining lives. (Jan., 416 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith