From Philadelphia's Society Hill to honky-tonk Texas and back again, everything feels right in this story of three misfits who help each other's dreams come true.

Personal assistant Katie Collins wears baggy clothes, ugly black glasses and twists her hair so tight her head hurts. She's trying to live down her past and silence an insistent voice that's telling her to loosen up. Lonely rich girl Wilhemina has no fashion sense, likes pie too much and yearns for a baby. Michael is a securities expert, building his business at the expense of a personal life.

When Wilhemina's father charges Katie and Michael with finding his daughter a husband, their lives get com-plicated in unexpected ways. The skillful layering of the three characters' stories results in a plot with a heart as big as Texas. This story, full of love and pain and quiet humor, is told by an author at the top of her game. Romance doesn't get any better than Leanne Banks. (May, 323 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Cindy Harrison