One of the most innovative time-travel/paranormal writers has done it again.

With a number of wonderful surprises and startling revelations SOME LIKE IT HOTTER sets Ms. Stover apart. She is truly an original writer of remarkable talent and you'll be delighted with her sexy, creative, humorous and poignant trip back in time.

A tale of a Southern Belle and a 20th-century detective.

When his partner and brother-in-law is killed on a stake-out, Mike vows to do anything to turn back the clock. "Anything" turns out to be a deal with the devil, but before he signs on the dotted line, he goes to 1864 Natchez.

Abigail Kingsley has no idea who the stranger is in her hall or why she's attracted to him, but when Mike appears befuddled she takes pity and "hires" him to work for her. Abigail is about to lose her home for back taxes and Mike feels he should try and help her and her little boy, Wade, while he works on finding the ancestors of the man who killed his partner.

Mike has no idea of the secrets Abigail is keeping or who really holds the key to his mission. All he knows is that his libido goes into high gear whenever Abigail is around. Mike isn't able to piece everything together until he escorts Abigail to Denver and it is finally time to pay the devil his due.

(March, 355 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin