Hawksley, the future Earl of Chadwick, suspects Lord Dalton of his brother's murder, and when he discovers that Dalton has hired someone to slay Miss Clara Dawson while she's on her way to London, he sets out to stop the killing. Hawksley kidnaps Clara and is surprised by her stubborn insistence that she doesn't know anything and can't understand why Lord Dalton would want to have her killed.

Clara, although attracted to Hawksley, has insecurities that cause her to back away. But there's something about her that Hawksley cannot resist. She helps him solve his brother's murder, but it nearly costs Clara her life. Will Hawksley be able to save her, and will she forgive him for not telling her everything about who he is?

This is a delightful romp. Clara is a strong woman who doesn't stand down for anyone, even a highwayman. Hawksley is the typical bad boy of a woman's dreams. A fast-paced plot and good characters will capture your imagination from beginning to end. SENSUAL (Jun., 352 pp., $5.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill Brager