At 23, Miss Jane Middleton is con-sidered "on the shelf." So she decides
to finally honor the promise she
made her dying father and find herself a husband. Jane is independent, intelligent and in charge of her great
fortune. Unfortunately, she is plain-
looking, petite and destined to become
a wallflower.

She takes matters into her own hands when she discovers Mr. Caulfield, known as "Hellion," is in need of funds. Since he is a leader of the ton, Jane will pay him to flirt with her in the hopes that other gentlemen will follow suit and
she will gain a husband.

An expert at seduction, Hellion
enjoys being in the company of this pragmatic female. Jane makes him
feel things he's never felt before and
he wants her to be his wife. Jane is not immune to Hellion's charming ways,
but she must come to a decision:
find a quiet husband to spend her
life with or marry Hellion, a rogue
she can love with all her heart.

Raleigh brings together a wickedly handsome rake and a tart-tongued, down-to-earth female in this sensuous and delightful Regency romp. SENSUAL (Sep., 352 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Joan Hammond