Image of Some Like Them Rich


Image of Some Like Them Rich

This book revolves around three women who continue to play the game of trying to land a rich husband, hoping he —whoever “he” is — will resolve their emotional as well as their financial needs. This entertaining novel is the story of how they come to realize that a man doesn’t define them and that love is the most important need of all.

Three very attractive best friends, Amber, Jacynthia (Jack) and Lila, are out to find what they feel they’re missing: Mr. Right. They travel to Martha’s Vineyard for the summer in search of their futures. After Jack and Lila do find their true loves, it’s Amber’s turn. Pretending to be a rich, eligible woman, Amber meets Don Randall, who she believes is the manager of the St. Romaine Hotel. They engage in a very torrid affair but Don’s not rich enough for Amber. She realizes that their relationship is about more than the sex; they are able to communicate their desires and dreams. However, Don has his own secret —he is a hotel owner. He realizes that Amber is only looking at his bank account balance. Amber eventually knows that all she wants is true love and she had that love with Don. Now she must convince Don that what they shared was more than a summer fling. (DAFINA, Mar., 367 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Laura Ellis