When Timona Calverson is rescued by rugged Irish cop Mick McCann, she decides he is the man she will marry. Mick's gentle demeanor toward Timona and his wide array of neighbors makes Timona fall in love with him. When Mick discovers that Timona is a rich and famous woman, he does his best to resist his feelings, as he believes they will never suit.

Mick feels that ultimately he'll be hurt by a woman who has everything, and Timona is reluctant to tell Mick why she is in New York, as well as the circumstances that led to her being in danger.

Timona is an amazing character with a big heart, while Mick is the perfect hero—one who is sensitive, loves children and animals, and is kind, loyal and honest. There is also a wonderful cast of supporting characters in this fantastic, heartwarming story from debut author Rothwell. The conclusion neatly mimics the danger that Timona faces in the beginning of the book, thus creating an exciting ending that will keep you turning pages late into the night. SENSUAL (Jul., 304 pp., $3.99)
Reviewed by: 
Robin Taylor