Spunky Dixie Mayson has always felt like a misfit. She despairs of ever attracting a man, until the day Wade "Waco" Stone enters her life. Unfortunately, Waco is both poor and a carpenter working for Dixie's father John, the owner of Texas Proud Builders. John Mayson has a cardinal rule about any of his workers even looking at his little girl. But Waco not only looks, he touches.

Despite their very different backgrounds, Dixie and Waco are a perfect match. But how long can they continue to sneak around behind John's back? Waco wants to confront John and damn the consequences, but Dixie and Waco's secret is discovered and John, with the help of the police, drives Waco and his uncle Zeke from the state.

A heartbroken and devastated Dixie goes on to college and eventually joins her father's company. Years later, Waco, now a millionaire, returns to Houston as the owner of his own competing land development company, Tumbleweed, Inc.

Dixie finds herself in a dilemma. How much loyalty does she continue to owe her father, when the long smoldering love between Waco and Dixie crackles back to life? Texas Proud soon has a bigger problem on its hands, as someone is apparently sabotaging work sites and threatening to destroy the company. Could Waco's cantankerous uncle Zeke be behind the dangerous sabotage and fires? If so, can Dixie's deepening relationship with Waco stand the revelation?

SOMEDAY is talented author Anna Hudson's funny, tender and exciting tale of the power and persistence of a love destined to overcome all obstacles. (Apr., 382 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith