Image of Someday (Sunrise Series-Baxter 3, Book 3)


Image of Someday (Sunrise Series-Baxter 3, Book 3)

As the Baxter series winds to an end, Kingsbury begins to tie things up for all
of the characters. The portion of the plot centering around the affair feels forced. Telling it from the point of view of the offender might have helped the reader to understand the motivation, which seems to come from left field. Still, the characters feel like family,
and the reader hopes for the best outcome for all concerned. Situations involving Dayne and Katy are heartwarming and uplifting.

After the loss of Ashley and Landon's daughter, friends and family understand that life is short. John Baxter wants to propose to Elaine, but he isn't sure how his children will take the news. Dayne and Katy head off to two different countries to film movies. When a horrifying picture of Dayne is plastered across the tabloids, can this fledgling marriage survive? And what does the picture mean for the Baxter family as a whole? (TYNDALE, Feb., 350 pp., $13.99)
Reviewed by: 
Melissa Parcel