Like Snow White, Princess Laurentia might want to sing Some day my prince will come. He doesnt seem to be at court until the night a soldier of fortune rescues her. Thinking her life is in danger, her father hires Dominic to be her bodyguard.

Once a fierce mercenary, the illegitimate son of a king, Dominic lost his army and is on a secret mission when he ingratiates himself with Laurentias father by saving the Princess.

He is the only man she has met who is not afraid of her station, who takes her kisses and sweeps her off her feet. But while Laurentia might just be falling in love with her prince, Dominic has another agenda; one far darker and more dangerous than she imagined.

Someone wants Laurentia and her kingdom and Dominic holds the key. Learning to understand his place in the world, seeking to be a hero instead of a villain and trying to help those he loves, Dominic is on a journey of the heart. He finds his princess ready to rescue him, lead a rebellion and reclaim the kingdom and his love.

Take the basis of a traditional fairy tale, add a headstrong and empowered heroine, a prince with angst, a kingdom in trouble, a few villains, and a remarkable cast of characters, and you have SOMEDAY MY PRINCE. the delightfully original spin off from The Runaway Princess brings us back to a magical and romantic world where dreams come true and where love and laughter, adventure and passion seamlessly mix together. SENSUAL (Aug., 358 pp., $6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin