Although two years have passed since the death of her beloved husband Michael, Linette Collins finds herself both uninterested in beginning a new romantic relationship, and unable to. That is until she meets the mysterious Cain McClellan.

On the surface Linette and Cain are a mismatched couple with little in common. She owns a local knitting shop, while Cain is the leader of Deliverance Company, a highly trained squad of mercenary commandos who specialize in hostage rescue operations.

Cain arrives in San Francisco to set up specialized physical therapy for his friend and colleague Tim Mallory, but he stays to be close to Linette. Tim has all but given up the hope of walking again. Enter Francine Holden, Tim's tough, determined and experienced physical therapist. If anyone can get Tim walking again she can, but will her heart be sacrificed in the process?

Despite their differences, Linette and Cain are irresistibly drawn to one another and eventually begin a tentative love affair. Realizing Linette's love is worth any price, Cain decides to begin a new life. But old enemies with vicious grudges don't let go easily, making Cain and those he loves prime targets for deadly vengeance.

Award-winning author Debbie Macomber's legion of fans are guaranteed to be delighted with SOMEDAY SOON. It features a spectacular blend of romance and adventure and gives readers not one, but two love stories to cherish. (June, 338 pp., $5.50)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith