Actress Cammie Merrill knew it was going to be a bad day the minute her ex-husband Paul called her into his office. As a producer on the hit night time soap opera Cherry Blossom Lane, Paul took it upon himself to inform Cammie of the upcoming demise of her character.

Cammie, in addition to facing unemployment, suspects that Paul has ulterior motives and is trying to force her into pursuing an unlikely quest.

Ten years ago, Cammies stepbrother, internationally famous actor Tyler Stovall, disappeared. No one ever knew where or why and his disappearance remains a mystery.

Cammies relationship with Tyler and his father, legendary actor Sam Stovall had deteriorated after the breakup of Sams marriage to Cammies mother.

The last time Cammie saw Tyler was the night they slept together. Cammie doubts that Ty would even remember, as he was drunk and depressed at the time.

Summer Solstice Productions offers Cammie a dealfind Ty and convince him to star in their upcoming movie and she will get to play the female lead. Cammie is horrified by the offer, but finds herself maneuvered into attempting to find Ty.

What will she say if she does find him? Will he remember their night of passion? Something traumatic drove Ty into seclusion, can Cammie help heal his pain?

Perennial favorite Janelle Taylor ventures into the dog-eat-dog world of movie making. In an industry known for looking out for number one, love and trust fight to overcome the odds. (Jan., 400 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith