When the sixth Earl of Hartford dies, his will stipulates that his daughter, Lady Alexandra Wilton, marry the seventh Earl or lose her inheritance. The next in line to inherit the title is Alexandras cousin, Geoffrey Wilton, and though she thinks of him as a brother, she has no alternative but to abide by the terms of the will.

There is another who can claim the title to the earldom, Scotsman Niall MacDonald. Their first meeting does not bode well for either of them, for what is to be a marriage of convenience slowly evolves into something stronger. When a series of accidents befalls Niall, they both must discover who is responsible and why. Alexandra is slowly falling in love with the arrogant Scotsman, despite his attachment to deerhounds and his penchant for sleeping with the windows wide open in cold weather.

A subtle sense of humor and a bit of suspenseful whodunit blend for an enjoyable read. SENSUAL (Jun., 380 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Joan Hammond