She's only been in New York for one week, but Vinnie is already disenchanted with her new home. She must find a new job so her younger brother can continue attending a science academy.

Small-towner Vinnie is hired by penthouse-living Nick to pet-sit the dog he just inherited, and the attraction between them is unavoidable. Now Nick finds his well-organized life shaken up by a dog, a toad, a kitten, a young boy and a woman who's so busy caring for those around her that she forgets she too needs caring for.

A lovely story, SOMEONE LIKE HIM has humor entwined around the characters' self-discoveries. A prince and peasant story, it brings together a woman who has long cared for others and a man who doesn't think he's ever really loved. Included is a sex scene that presents a feast for the senses. (Oct., 384 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley