Two years have passed since Mimi Sinclair last saw Nathan Price, a professor of paleontology. Though she finds him as handsome as ever, she notes a certain defiance in his demeanor.

Both remember the night Price stood proudly before his peers at the Crystal Palace to show them his discovery; the jawbone of a Megalosaurus reptile. But it had disappeared along with his notes. Ostracized and humiliated, Nathan is determined to prove its existence and expose the person he believes responsible for the theft: Mimis father.

Working to complete his mission, he needs Mimis expertise to sculpt a copy of the fossil for him. Though Mimi knows what happened to Nathans fossil and has no intention of telling him, she does have a plan to help him regain his stature with his fellow paleontologists. But what will happen when her plans go awry?

With compelling, passionate characters to intrigue readers, Ms. Ashworth writes a marvelous overview of the Victorian era with its fabulous Crystal Palace, the peoples insatiable interest in dinosaurs, the class distinction and plight of women in Victorian England. SENSUAL (Dec., 376 pp., $6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Joan Hammond