To shore up the familys depleted finances, widowed Abby Backworth-Malden is determined to see her niece, Edwardine, snare a rich husband.

Abby decides that the handsome and very wealthy Kip Rutland, Viscount Willoughby, will do just fine as a prospective groom. Harboring the pain of a lost love, Kip has no wish to marry, but a promise made to his mother has him hunting for a suitable mate. Being around beautiful but vacant Edwardine almost convinces Kip to remain a bachelor.

But a promise is a promise, isnt it? And the intelligent, viper-tongued Abby will consent to be his Viscountess in a marriage of convenience and produce an heir, wont she? And neither is looking for love, are they?

Crackling wit, a few zany characters and Ms. Michaels trademark humor, which she brilliantly infuses into her stories, makes for a fun, fast read. SENSUAL (Apr., 356 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Joan Hammond