Broadway star Leigh Kendall is looking forward to a romantic getaway in the countryside with her husband, Logan Manning. But a blizzard strikes New York, making driving hazardous. Alone on unfamiliar roads, Leigh crashes and is badly injured.

Upon awakening in the hospital, she learns that Logan is missing. Then the police find his murdered body. Leigh thought she knew her husband, but evidence is piling up to prove otherwise. Along with Leigh, Michael Valente, a billionaire businessman with a bad reputation, is a prime suspect in Logan's murder.

But if they didn't kill him, who did? Lt. Mitchell McCord is head of a task force whose main objectives are to solve the Manning murder and bring down Michael Valente. And task force member Det. Samantha Littleton's gut instinct tells her that the truth may lie in another direction.

One of the pioneers of the romance genre returns with a sizzling tale. Besides its intriguing suspense, McNaught's offering also features two romances. Readers follow the burgeoning affairs between not only Leigh and Michael, but also between the detectives. A page-turner and pure romantic fun! (Nov., 495 pp., $7.99) Hardcover published February 2003.

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith