Here’s an inspirational story reminding us to live our lives with the end in mind. Tori gives up her big city life to help her ailing Aunt Dottie and take care of her step-cousin. Tori and Jacob feel the spark of the emotions they suppressed as teens. If she’s brave enough to make them, Tori’s choices will create major happiness in her life. Someone to Watch Over Me is sweetly spiritual.

Tori Henderson, a workaholic, barely lives with her absentee boyfriend Kevin. After a bout of appendicitis lands her in the hospital, Tori’s favorite Aunt Dottie has a stroke and Tori puts her life on hold to go care for her, her little cousin DeAndre and her aunt’s store. Tori reconnects with her high school crush Jacob, the pastor’s son, and small-town life starts looking up. (DAFINA, Jun., 320 pp., $14.00)
Reviewed by: 
Leslie Frohberg