Reed Garrett has been drifting for five years. He is running from a past that will not let him rest. When he reaches Bluebonnet, Texas, his life is about to take another turn and he must confront his demons.

Susannah Dowell has lived with her great aunts, Violette and Dahlia, since she was nine years old. Upon her mother's death, they rescued her from the bordello where she had been living. Over the years, Susannah's kindly aunts tried to mend her wounded soul, offering her love, a home and family. Alas, they cannot ease the dark memories of the past and the shame of her mother's lifestyle.

When Reed is accused of horse-thieving, Susannah reluctantly comes to his aid. Aunt Violette, however, sees his inner goodness, and offers him a job on their farm.

This begins the healing of two lost souls as they discover peace, contentment and abiding love, finding at last a future and renewed strength in each other. Their journey will not be easy, for the obstacles seem insurmountable. But with the aid of a loving family, friends and a faith in one another, Susannah and Reed can overcome the greatest odds.

SOMEONE LIKE YOU is an intensely moving tale of emotional growth and discovery. Once again, Ms. Coffman spins a complex tapestry of the human heart, a vivid portrayal of life and the grace and redemption of love. SENSUAL (Sep., 345 pp., $10.00)

Reviewed by: 
Lizabelle Cox