Blythe Harwood has money, beauty and pedigree, but shes bankrupt when it comes to love. Her family life is an emotional war zoneshe and her mother are little more than strangers; she resents her sisters relationship with their mother; and she and her brother barely speak to each other. Blythe is mad at the worlduntil she meets reporter Khalil Sandford. He makes her step outside her little world and participate in life. With tender kisses and exciting field trips, Khalil shows her how to live.

Khalil is determined to liberate Blythe from her emotional prison. When Blythe approaches him for help planning a Kwanzaa celebration, Khalil takes the opportunity not only to teach her of their African heritage, but of life and true love.

Ms. Thomas has written a taut novel layered with conflict, emotion and passion. SOMEONE LIKE YOU is a very different, but very special Christmas treat. (Dec., 283 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Cheryl Ferguson