In one afternoon, attorney Jill Strathern's life dissolves into chaos. First she discovers husband Lyle having an affair, then Lyle gets her fired from their law firm. Vowing revenge and needing a place to emotionally regroup, Jill agrees to temporarily take over a small law practice in her hometown of Los Lobos, California.

Mackenzie Kendrick also just returned to Los Lobos—this time as the town sheriff. The death of his partner put Mac in a very dark place, and as a result, his marriage fell apart. While Jill is just planning on passing through, Mac is trying to build a new life—and their mutual attraction is really complicating matters. The arrival of an old client of Jill's—who may be linked to organized crime—is also causing a bit of concern.

When you think of passion, drama and heartwarming stories, think Susan Mallery. As always, she delivers a top-notch story. (Oct., 378 pp., $6.50)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith