Bretton's novels tug at the heartstrings. Cat Doyle is a successful knitting designer in Idle Point, Maine. At 38, Cat and her boyfriend, screenwriter Michael, are happily expecting a baby. She also cares for her mother Mimi, a former folk singer.

Joely, Cat's younger sister, lives in Scotland with boyfriend William and his young daughter, Annabelle. Joely and William have drifted apart, and the survival of their relationship is based upon their love for Annabelle.

When Mimi suffers a mild stroke and burns down her house, the two sisters are drawn together. As Mimi recuperates in Idle Point's tiny hospital, the sisters reunite to show their love and support of their mother, a woman who never fully recovered from the desertion of the girls' father almost 30 years prior.

In this cleverly written reawakening, Joely and Cat learn to accept and love their mother despite her past failings. In doing so, these realistic characters discover the value of trust in their current relationships. As the mystery of their father's disappearance comes to light and Mimi's secrets are revealed, the sisters' future becomes intertwined with their ability to come to terms with their past. (Jul., 336 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Sheri Melnick