McComas’ latest novel is a poignant story about the power of love and the impact it leaves. It is set in a picturesque small town in the South and filled with charming, heartwarming characters all surrounding a mystery with major consequences. McComas’ natural, lyrical writing and smooth pacing, along with how she simultaneously keeps you in suspense and warms your heart, makes this a wonderful, engaging read.

Kindergarten teacher Sophie Shepard arrives in the quaint little town of Clearfield, Va., at the request of a man she doesn’t know. When she discovers he’s dead, she is left trying to figure out what he wanted to tell her. Her curiosity leads her to delve into her past, with the help of new friend, Dr. Drew McCarren. Little does she anticipate that what she discovers from her past will affect the town she is visiting in a profound way. (MORROW, Apr., 320 pp., $14.99)

Reviewed by: 
Melanie Bates