Image of Something Blue


Image of Something Blue
Giffin is apparently unaware of that epidemic known as the sophomore slump, She hits a home run with Something Blue, the sequel to 2004's Something Borrowed.

This time, the same story is told from Darcy's perspective. Radiant Darcy is moments away from discovering that her ex-fiancé, Dex, is sleeping with her best friend, the brainy but decidedly not-as-beautiful Rachel. And even though Darcy has revealed that she's pregnant by another man—one of Dex's college buddies and groomsmen—she is still absolutely livid that Rachel has committed the ultimate betrayal of friendship.

Darcy is a fascinating literary character. Despite her vanity, her perplexing world view and her apparent disdain of anything even remotely educational, she leaves the reader without any questions whatsoever as to how she's sailed through life on looks and charm. Whether she's badgering her baby's father about who is prettier, her or Rachel, or is crawling into bed just to snuggle with her friend Ethan, she's unquestionably a vital life force, although a fundamentally flawed one. (Jun., 352 pp., $22.95)
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Lauren Spielberg