Image of Something Deadly This Way Comes (Madison Avery, Book 3)


Image of Something Deadly This Way Comes (Madison Avery, Book 3)

In the world of paranormal YA where vampires and werewolves are everywhere, Madison and her unique abilities will delight fans. As a timekeeper for the dark reapers, the teen battles to save humans' souls. Although this tale will be best enjoyed by those familiar with the series, new readers will quickly realize Madison's over-arcing mission is to prove to the higher powers that individuals can change their fate. Despite the heavy subject matter, Harrison's skillful light touch makes this tale a fun read that will have fans cheering for Madison as she navigates her new life.

Dead teen Madison Avery is still adapting to her role as timekeeper in fight that dark and light reapers wage for the souls of humans. Madison didn't want to be thrust into the job, but now that it's hers, she is determined to show the higher powers that fate can be "sidestepped" whether or not they like it.

Now Madison — with the help of her heavenly sidekicks, Barnabas and Nakita, and her human boyfriend, Josh — must rush to try to save teen Tammy's soul before the innocent girl is killed. But in the process Madison discovers that avoiding fate is more easily said than done. On top of this, Madison is still searching for her lost body, even though if she finds it, she will have to decide if she wants to keep her job or go back to being a normal teen. (HARPERCOLLINS, May 2011, 256 pp., $16.99, ISBN: 9780061718199)

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Kate Girard