Image of Something More


Image of Something More

Dailey's nice, easygoing story moves along at a steady, though not quick, pace. With a bit of mystery, a touch of romance and a truckload of interesting characters, this is an enjoyable story about human foibles, as well as letting go and moving on.

For Luke, the owner of the Ten Bar ranch, each new day is an empty thing -- until he stumbles across a skeleton while rounding up his cattle. It's what brings Angie to the ranch -- to search for buried treasure from a long-ago train robbery.

But once the residents of Glory, Wyo., realize why Angie's there, she's not the only one treasure hunting. With the reluctant help of Luke and an old letter, Angie seems to have a good chance of locating the lost gold. But as so often happens, the chance of easy riches brings out the greed in many, including possibly a murderer. (Kensington, Jul., 320 pp., $22.00)
Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley