Dawson's novel has a plethora
of erotic scenes. Sassy dialogue
from the heroine compliments her
spicy personality. Inferno-like
chemistry between the hero and
heroine makes their relationship
believable. But there's little detail
about the characters' family and
background, which make events
difficult to visualize, and some
actions prompt questions that aren't
ever answered. But the fast-paced
tale more than makes up for this
faux pas.

Damon Becker is a traditionalist, and when his grandmother proposes that they add lingerie and sex toys to their conservative-apparel catalogue, he's vehemently opposed. Tanika Davis knows Damon's type -- uptight and lacking in adventure -- and she doesn't want any part of his linebacker bod. Working together forces the two to uncover things about themselves that they never knew, but will it be enough to sustain a lasting relationship? (St. Martin's, Jan., 296 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
T.L. Burton