Image of Something New


Image of Something New

Thomas’ hilarious debut will have you wishing it would never end. Abundant with jokes and jabs at tech, pop culture and life in suburbia, it’s easy to relate
to this book in many ways. The plot will keep readers guessing until the very last chapter when Ellen must choose between her loving husband and the sexy, exciting man that has introduced her to “something new.” Fun for all, this book should be on everybody’s to-be-read list.

Despite a large, beautiful house, three wonderful children and a loving, doting husband, 42-year-old Ellen Ivers is bored with her life and dying to experience new things. Right on cue, a very sexy and handsome man moves in next door to her cousin, which inspires Ellen to exercise and take better care of her appearance. Next, Ellen’s cousin encourages her to participate in a blog contest, which awakens the long-forgotten creative writer in Ellen. Soon, just as she had initially wished, she is overwhelmed with new experiences that cause her to re-evaluate what she truly needs to lead an exciting and fulfilling life. (BERKLEY, Nov., 384 pp., $15.00)

Reviewed by: 
Sarah Eisenbraun