Book Review

by Beverly Jenkins

Genre: Contemporary Romance, Multicultural
Sensuality: HOT

2011 Multicultural Romance Award Winner

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There is beauty in Jenkins’ storytelling that should be the standard by which to judge fiction writing. Yes, there’s the buildup to Trent and Lily’s wedding but there is also history, humor and pathos. Brava Ms. Jenkins, you’ve done it again and left us wanting more.

Lily and Trent’s love doesn’t waver. They want a simple wedding, but their well-meaning neighbors are turning it into a storybook wedding. Bernadine, the town’s fairy godmother, wants Lily to have an event fit for a princess, and Lily’s 9-year-old foster son is campaigning to be town preacher so he can officiate at the ceremony. Then Trent is called on to help a new family move to town, and Lily and Trent tackle the task of blending their families. The passing of one of the town’s eldest members opens up secrets for Marie that may have been better left untold. The continuing presence of Bernadine’s ex-husband, Leo, has most of the town questioning his motives. He’s been sweet-talking Marie, but what is his real agenda? When Trent does a little digging, Leo will be the loser — again. (MORROW, Jun., 336 pp., $13.99)

Reviewed By: Jacqui McGugins

Publisher: MORROW

Published: June 2011

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Something Old, Something New

Submitted by hcabm on June 12, 2011 - 8:27am.

This story is an expansion  of a wonderful series that is full of love and caring,  The tittle reflects on the upcoming nuptials of  Trent and Lilly. They were high school sweethearts that had drifted apart but have rekindled their romance and are now getting married.
This story also gives a more accurate picture of three of the children that were brought to the town of Henry Adams as foster children , Devon, Zoey  and Amari. The revelations will have you in laughter and tears. 
There are new people introduce to the town and  this creates such a  richness to the story. You also are given a glimpse of some underhanded dealings that might be going on behind the scenes.
All in all it is a story of change and growth, some times change is hard but if you adapt life is definitely worth living and the rewards can be tremendous.