Ruth Borum just might be classified as bitter after losing nearly everything in a divorce settlement to her philandering husband. She wrote his sermons and helped build their church into what it is today, no thanks to its members. Now everyone thinks this big-boned Reverend's wife is crazy, on account of her crush on a white man.

Dewey Baxter has his hands full with raising his two children, Tee and Dee. And his kids are tired of their dad filling in for their mother. So they set out to see if they can find someone else to fulfill that role.

The comedic approach taken by Murray makes SOMETHING REAL mildly pleasing. Slight stereotypical references, however, cloud the story, and in some instances, might be interpreted as offensive. Also, more interaction between the hero and heroine would have made their attraction to one another more convincing. (Aug., 352 pp, $23.00)

Reviewed by: 
T.L. Burton