Multitalented Enoch glides into the era with the aplomb of a diamond
of the first water, captivating her
audience with her witty repartee and
brilliant plotting, not to mention her unconventional characters.

No one bests Charlemagne "Shay" Griffin at business, certainly not the alluring young lady who outrageously flirted with him the night before. But Shay discovers that business is business when he crosses swords and kisses with Lady Sarala Carlisle.

Sarala has her own agenda, and no one will get in her way, especially not a man as dangerously handsome and arrogant as Shay. But he doesn't take defeat well -- he's out to prove he's the better businessman, and he'll stoop to seducing her to do it.

But the tables are turned when they discover how business can turn to pleasure, and Shay realizes Sarala has more at stake than money and pride. He's willing to go to extremes to help her exact revenge against a ruthless villain, bringing her peace and the love she desires most. (Avon, Sep., 380 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin