Tall, gawky and accident prone is how B.J. Jones sees herself in the world of her petite, dainty female family members and friends, especially when she meets handsome hunk Joshua Hendricks at a fundraiser. She can't believe he wants to see her again after she's all but ruined his shirt by spilling her drink.

The moment he saw B.J., Josh made up his mind to have her. As they become involved, he sees that her job is in direct conflict with his-she wants to preserve the same apartment building his company wants to tear down. He knows he waited too long to tell her of his company's intentions, but he can't believe how stubborn she's being. When she takes their problem to the streets, the newspapers and the TVstation, Josh decides all's fair in love and the construction business!

Ms. Giusto has written a delightful romance that will make the reader laugh, groan and sigh as they embark on this sensual escapade. (Mar., 283 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Cheryl Ferguson