At age 25, Lady Elfled "Elf" Malloren feels destined to remain a spinster. She yearns to do something different, and where better than at the Midsummer Night Masquerade at Vauxhall.

With her best friend Amanda in tow, dressed in dominoes and leather masks, they tread the walkways of Vauxhall. But in her quest for adventure, Elf involves herself in a tangled web of treason, guilty secrets and vengeance. The man enmeshed in this conundrum is her brother-in-law Fortitude (Fort) Harleigh Ware, Earl of Walgrave, who thankfully does not see through her disguise,

Cynical and arrogant, Fort has a burning hatred for the Malloren family. Elf vows to put an end to his hatred, and they share one night of error and passion. Elf must suffer the consequences when Fort discovers her true identity. She has no desire to see him killed in a duel with her brother. Can the Mallorens and Ware join forces to stop a plot to kill the king and will the obstinate Fort put the past to rest and find joy with his wicked elf?

A spin-off of My Lady Notorious and Tempting Fortune, SOMETHING WICKED is a delightfully wicked, rollicking romp. SENSUAL (July, 380 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Joan Hammond